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The KENNA Company
The KENNA Company equips leaders in companies of all sizes with the tools and information needed to assist every person in becoming a highly motivated and effective team member. Helping Leaders Select and Engage High Impact Performers  
Practical and pragmatic coaching for executives and managers who want to accomplish more - faster. We help companies transform their hiring process into a system that allows them to hire the right candidate for the job. The benefits can transform a company. We offer 'on-site' team building for new or 'stuck' teams.  We also sell TeamTraks, an easy-to-use set of modules which can be used off-the-shelf to address a number of team intervention needs and competencies. Our most requested training is for Improving Communication Skills and Improving Managers' People Skills .  All training is customized to meet the client's specific needs.   For those companies and individuals who are not familiar with our products or service, we provide a free team needs assessment from TeamTraks, an opportunity to complete one of our assessments, newsletters, articles, and a free coaching session. Proudly, our clients include Shell Oil, John Deere, Mr. Goodcents, Short Circuit Electronics, Brass Eagle Paintball, and many more. We'd love to hear from you - ideas, needs and questions. Look through the site and call if we can help you.  

Job Fit
matching the RIGHT candidate
to the job


We don't find the candidate;
we help you understand what the right candidate looks like and if the candidate you like will be a good fit

Key Accountabilities

#1 - Workshop: Improving the Communication Skills of Managers and Supervisors (Link)

TeamTraks™ - Effective and Easy-to-Use Team Building System and Individual Modules (Link)
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Two Success Insights assessments at no cost
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The KENNA Company believes that a major part of your company’s success is dependent on two critical factors: the people you hire, i.e. employee selection. and how people are managed. That’s why we have made hiring, developing and retaining the best possible talent the center of what we do for our clients. We help companies like yours benchmark key jobs i.e. the profile of attributes, competencies, motivators and behaviors that best fits the job and your company.

We call it ‘Job Fit’. Job Fit is right when your expectations of the person you hire are matched by the reality – 6 to 12 months after the new employee starts their job. Job Fit is essential for maximum job success – productivity, satisfaction and retention. Many companies use only behavioral assessments / personality tests as pre-assessment tools. Many of these behavioral assessments / personality tests only measure HOW an individual prefers to work. But behavioral assessments / personality tests are only part - and perhaps the least important part - of job fit.

We use three validated pre-employment assessments (The TriMetrix System) that accurately assess the job's needs in the areas of business competencies, attributes, motivators AND behaviors. This validated and thorough assessment process is referred to as 'a whole person' assessment. This objective information - in combination with a candidate's resume, education, experience, and performance during the interview process - will help insure that your hiring system will accurately and objectively identify which candidate best fits each job's profile.

We also provide Executive Coaching to assist in the development of managers and other leaders. By the way, there are hundreds of behavioral assessments / personality tests available. We'd like you to try two of our top selling assessments at no cost whatsoever by clicking here. (The assessments we'll send you are the full versions of the best selling behavioral assessment available and TTI Success Insights - Workplace Motivators.) Not only are your assessments provided at no charge (we want you to understand their value), we'll also debrief your assessment with you by phone at no cost or obligation (and with no sales pitch).


This site is the Copyright Property of The KENNA Company Our newsletter - Promoting Excellence - provides our clients and other subscribers with articles and 'how to' suggestions in areas such as motivating employees, hiring the best candidate, self-management, sales tips, manager essentials, leadership and more. A company's privacy policy is critical if you plan to provide them with any of your personal information.  Please read ours.  In essesnce, we won't share it with anyone. Please let us know how we can better meet your needs - on this site, in our newsletter or at your business. Joe McKenna is Founder of The KENNA Company.  Read about his background.  If you choose to sign up with us for Executive Coaching, Joe will be your coach. The KENNA Company - helping leaders select and engage high impact employees. Proud partner of Target Training International and Innermetrix.