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28 Day
Personal Effectiveness Challenge

Would you REALLY like to become more personally effective? If you do, take me up on this challenge. Make it a habit to end every working day by doing the following:

Clear your desk
Put everything in a file or to-do folder and in a designated spot. You will start each day off on a positive note. An uncluttered desk will also help to keep you organized and properly prioritized. (You'll get tired of seeing the things you haven't finished in your to-do folder and, if truly important, do it. If it hasn’t been acted on for two weeks, throw it away)

Reflect on your day. Ask yourself some questions at the end of the day—perhaps before going or to bed:
1. " Did I accomplish my business goals for today that I set at the end of the day yesterday? How did my actions help the company?”
2. " Where and how could I have spent my time better today?”
3. " Am I moving closer or farther away from my personal dreams and major business goals (these are the goals for which your job exists)?"
4. “ Did I make anyone’s day better?” (Success and effectiveness cannot happen in a vacuum.)
5. “ Are there choices I am making in my life that are not in my best interest?” (Example: Not exercising, not resolving an issue / conflict)

Plan for tomorrow
Transfer your tasks in your daily planner, Outlook Tasks, etc. Make a prioritized list of to-do's (actions), and list the goals that must be accomplished. By planning for the next day—today—you will relieve stress and be prepared to be off to a fast start tomorrow morning.

Want this to work
Find someone (if you can’t find someone else, call me—I’ll do it for you for free) who will help you stay accountable to these habits for 28 days. If it’s not working for you at that point, ask why. If it is, continue.

Let us know
1. If you are going to do it;
2. If you did it: and
3. Your main challenges and rewards.

Written by: Joe McKenna, The KENNA Company 816-943-0868 Permission given to reprint in its entirety with name, company. e-mail and website (live links if posted on the web) and phone number.

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