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When the expectations you have when you hire someone do not match the reality 6 to 12 months later,
it’s time to re-evaluate your selection process.

Question: "How do you hire the best candidate, rather than the best interviewer"™?
Answer: The KENNA Company’s TTI TriMetrix Talent Selection System

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Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary to their success. Jobs, and the specific talents of the people who fill them, are the unique building blocks of that success. But how can you discover – and accurately compare - the specific talents required by a "job" and the talents of your job candidates?



All jobs have unique ‘people skills’ requirements. For example, the people skills required by a Customer Service associate in your company might include "tactful decision making, contacting many people, patience, being diplomatic and cooperative." These traits can be accurately and objectively determined by benchmarking the job. The result of The KENNA Company’s TriMetrix Benchmarking Process is a set of clear measurements that define required, job-related competencies, attributes, motivators and behaviors such as: Frequent Interaction with Others, Customer Oriented, Versatility, Frequent Change, Urgency, Competitiveness, Organized Workplace, Results Orientation and Analysis of Data. You will clearly see what is and what is not required for success and satisfaction in the specific job. To many of our clients, one of the best part of our benchmarking process is that we also provide behavioral job interviewing questions that tie directly to the benchmarked requirements of the job.

Click here to see a sample of a
TTI TriMetrix Job Plus Benchmark Report
for a Customer Service position.

" We had never benchmarked a job before. The process was interesting, but your guidance kept us on track. The results were gratifying. For the first time, we had a job description, key accountabilities and a soft skills benchmark to guide us as we looked for the right candidate. The benefit is we are now VERY clear - and in agreement –about what we need in a candidate. This adds tremendous objectivity to our thinking and decisions. Our odds of hiring the right person- each time we hire - have already gone up significantly. Thank you."

Testimonial from the VP of Sales of a medium-sized financial services firm


People have unique behaviors that can be matched to jobs, but seldom are! When a person's behaviors are in sync with a job's, the result is increased performance and employee satisfaction. Common behaviors range from outgoing and assertive, to soft-spoken, mild and reserved; from adventurous and daring, to controlled and restrained, and everything in between. The job applicants who complete the TKC TriMetrix Talent Insights report respond to questions that define these unique behaviors. The result is a set of bar graphs that indicate where the respondent falls within the scale of common job-related behaviors: Frequent Interaction with Others, Customer Oriented, Versatility, Frequent Change, Urgency, Competitiveness, Organized Workplace, and Analysis of Data. But we - as had many of our clients - found that behavior by itself is only a part of the picture - perhaps the least important part.

Also contributing to an individual’s success in a job is their way of looking at attributes and competencies. Unique to the Attribute Index portion of the TriMetrix is its ability to assess an individual's cognitive reasoning (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them). Unlike any other instrument, the Attribute Index has a direct relationship with mathematics, and this is the secret behind its ability to accurately measure the core dimensions of how we think. The result is an accurate ranking of personal ATTRIBUTES describing individual potential for workplace performance. The Attribute Index was designed, from the beginning, exclusively for use in a business environment. Its overall intent, format and output are specifically tailored to meet the needs of business managers and executives today.

Like jobs, people have inherent motivators that drive their behaviors. Workplace Motivators helps to define those as well, such as "desiring a return on investment of time and money," and "finding personal rewards in continuous learning."

Together, these three assessments provide a 'whole person' approach to candidate evaluation and provide you with key information about the candidate's likely job fit. It provides objective information that you can then use in follow up interviews.

Click here to see a sample of a TriMetrix Talent Report for a Sales Candidate

" We chose to have only top candidates complete the Talent Insights Assessments. Interestingly, some of the information in the report we read was out of sync with what we believed we had learned about one of the key candidates during the interview process. Further interviewing demonstrated the accuracy of the TriMetrix reports. They saved us from a big hiring mistake."
From the VP of HR of a medium sized service business


The right talent in the right job equals top performance and employee satisfaction, which is exactly what every company wants! After completing the job benchmark with Job Insights, and defining talent with Talent Insights, you have a total of 23 separate competencies and attributes that are key to finding the best candidate – the right fit – for the job. Next, you can compare and match the job's required behaviors and rewards/culture (motivators) to a candidate's ideal behaviors and motivators. Assuming the candidate has the necessary hard skills (education, experience, etc.) you have the objective information you need to make the best decisions on hiring top talent.

" In comparing the job benchmark with the candidates' assessment reports, there were three critical areas with one candidate that were serious red flags. The second candidate seemed to be a pretty good match to the benchmark. Although not perfect, the weak areas were ones we could help them with. We took our new information to the next set of interviews with each candidate. Our questions now were based on what we learned from the assessments. Sure enough, one candidate who had seemed solid, would have been a hiring mistake. I'm convinced of that. The second candidate was hired and is working out great. We believe she is a true asset to the company and will be with us far into the future."

Now that you have hired the right candidate, company and job orientation, a job development plan and coaching are essentials to the candidate’s job success, satisfaction and growth. The assessments the candidate has completed in the selection process can be instrumental in helping the candidate get started in their new job. Using the information from the employee’s TriMetrix Talent Assessment, we can produce a comprehensive development report called the TriMetrix Coaching Report™. This report provides you with detailed information ideal for coaching, talent development, and performance appraisals.

Click here for a downloadable sample of the TKC TriMetrix Coaching Report

Don't Wait...BEGIN TODAY!

Begin today with a review of the competitive advantages this reliable system for hiring top talent can provide your organization — and lay the foundation for future business success!

Contact Us Today - Contact us today to discuss how we can help you select great employees, improve communications skills within your existing employees or help grow teamwork within your organization. Book a workshop or tele-class today, or simply learn more about us!

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