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INSIGHT Inventory®
An inexpensive paper and pencil behavioral assessment that accurately provides respondents
with a good picture of their personal style and how it can be leveraged to
become a more effective communicator or team member.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive, paper-and-pencil behavioral assessment that accurately provides respondents with a good picture of their personal style and how it can be leveraged, Insight Inventory is for you.

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What is the INSIGHT Inventory®?

INSIGHT Inventory is an (very) easy to use, paper and pencil behavioral style assessment that allows people to understand HOW they do what they do. Based on this knowledge an individual can adapt his or her behavior - based on the situation - and increase their personal effectiveness. Respondents complete a paper-based assessment and then follow simple instructions to interpret their responses. Then they plot their responses on two graphs - a natural style graph and an adapted style graph. A workbook helps respondents understand the meaning of their graphs. The process is very interactive.

Users enjoy learning more about themselves and each other in positive, easy-to-discuss way. The INSIGHT Inventory is often used in conjunction with training sessions on sales, diversity, conflict management, leadership and communication skills improvement.

The INSIGHT Inventory helps participants compare themselves to others on four traits:

The Kenna Company Assertiveness and Influence (Dealing with Problems)
The Kenna Company Responding and Relating to Others (Dealing with People)
The Kenna Company Pace of Decision Making and Action Taking (Pace)
The Kenna Company Time Structuring and Handling Details (Handling Procedures)

Styles are charted separately for work and personal situations to highlight the influence of different environments on an individual's behaviors, as well as giving a more accurate and complete style description for each participant.

For more information about other INSIGHT products and services, see INSIGHT Modules & Pricing.

" As a consultant, I like to use INSIGHT Inventory because its language is so positive and the instrument is easy to use."
Cheryl Kuhn
Diamond Consulting

How is INSIGHT Inventory® Different from Other Psychometric assessments??

The INSIGHT Inventory is different from other assessments you’ll find on the market in several important ways:

The Kenna Company It is quicker and easier to use than assessments such as Myers-Briggs™.
The Kenna Company It is simple to administer, self-scoring, and does not require instructor certification. This saves the facilitator/trainer/consultant time and money while providing them an excellent tool to help their audience learn about and discuss behavior.
The Kenna Company Based on the work of Kurt Lewin, INSIGHT was the first behavioral style instrument to measure and demonstrate possible difference between individuals’ style in different environments such as at work and at home. This information can demonstrate an individual’s flexibility of style or highlight potential sources of stress.
The Kenna Company INSIGHT is flexible enough to be used in broad programs such as diversity training, sales training, management and leadership development and conflict resolution.
The Kenna Company INSIGHT is inexpensive - the Condensed version costs only $9.95 (US). See Price list.
The Kenna Company INSIGHT uses easy-to-understand and very positive language.
The Kenna Company INSIGHT can be distributed prior to workshops and team meeting for review or self-scoring.
The Kenna Company The INSIGHT family of products is very cost-effective. (See INSIGHT Modules & Pricing).

"INSIGHT Inventory ... it is very easy to use - both for participants and facilitators - and the program is very positive."
Tony Mendes, Ph.D.
Former AT&T
Author - Inspiring Commitment

When Is It Best to Use INSIGHT Inventory versus, say, Success Insights?

Use INSIGHT Inventory® when your goal is to use a paper-based instrument to use an experiential behavioral tool. The respondents score their own assessment, calculate where that places them on their graph and then discuss the meaning of the different placements - and what it means to the respondent and others.

Situations where Insight Inventory has been used with success include team building sessions, diversity training, conflict resolution, sales training, customer service workshops, etc.

INSIGHT Inventory is used by managers, human resource professionals, trainers, consultants, speakers and counselors to interest and actively involve participants in discovering ways to discuss personal similarities and differences.

Depending on the time available and the depth to which a trainer or facilitator wants participants to go, there are two primary formats available, each containing the complete questionnaire:

The Kenna Company Form A is a detailed, 16-page interpretive booklet loaded with information and discussion activities, often used for more in-depth training and team building programs. (Workshops, using Form A usually last 4 - 6 hours).
The Kenna Company Form B is a condensed, 6-page booklet in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format, often used for time-limited training and team building, as a section within a more comprehensive program, or in coaching and counseling situations. (Workshops, using Form B, usually last 1 - 2 hours).

" We use INSIGHT Inventory in business training...and, as therapists, in counseling. It is a very effective tool"
Ms Julia Murray M.Ed,. L.Ph.
Frontier Psychological Associates L.C

INSIGHT® Validation Information

A brief summary of the statistical data obtained in the research and development of the INSIGHT Inventory is provided below. Refer to the Technical Manual for complete descriptions and detailed tables of this data.

Technical Characteristics
The INSIGHT Inventory is a self-report, personality inventory that measures the intensity of four bipolar traits:

The Kenna Company Scale A – Getting Your Way, Direct or Indirect
The Kenna Company Scale B – Responding to People, Reserved or Outgoing
The Kenna Company Scale C – Pacing Activity, Urgent or Steady
The Kenna Company Scale D – Dealing With Details, Unstructured or Precise.

Thirty-two terms, primarily adjectives and short descriptive phrases derived through factor analysis, make up the item pool. Based on Kurt Lewin's Field Theory, the INSIGHT Inventory measures behavior in two environments (fields). Participants first rate how they see themselves at work (field 1); then rate how they see themselves at home (field 2).

The Inventory takes only ten minutes to complete and an additional five to ten minutes to score. The step-by-step booklet provides an interpretation of the results and guidelines for applying the information. I have personally taken a group of 300 home builders through a workshop using Insight Inventory and received the highest ratings of all speakers.

Item Analysis
Item analysis establishes the statistical relationship between items of an Inventory and the traits they contribute to. If no item analysis is done, then the matching of an item to a particular trait is essentially a guess on the test developer's part. An initial sample of 1540 individuals completed the INSIGHT Inventory, and a factor analysis of their scores was computed to select the items which loaded most heavily on the four factors (scales). A second factor analysis of a sample of 589 individuals who completed the revised form of the INSIGHT Inventory was completed to select the final items. This resulted in the four independent scales each determined by eight test items.

Norms provide the basis for interpreting scores in relation to defined groups of people. When no norms are provided, individuals are comparing their results only to themselves, not to other people. The INSIGHT Inventory is normed on a heterogeneous sample of 1602. This group contains a wide range of working adults in occupations ranging from mid-level managers, automotive assembly plant workers, bank officers, hardware sales representatives, hotel hospitality, credit supervisors, highway maintenance employees, clerical workers, etc. The total normative sample contained 60% males and 40% females. Percentile scales reflect combined male and female norms.

Reliability is the degree of consistency with which a test measures what it is said to measure. Test length greatly affects reliability coefficients, with longer tests traditionally producing higher scores. Dr. J.C. Nunnally stated in the classic reference book, Psychometric Theory, O< 1978, that internal consistency reliability coefficients for short personality tests should range in the .70's to .80's. For example, the well researched Myers-Briggs Qpe Indicator reports internal consistency reliability for its four scales on general population samples to range from .61 to .87. Internal consistency reliability was computed on each of the four scales of the much shorter INSIGHT Inventory and the results ranged from .71 to .85. Thirty-day test-retest reliability produced scores ranging from .76 to .82. Given its very short length, the INSIGHT Inventory produced very solid reliability coefficients.

The validity scores of a test estimate how well the test measures what it purports to measure. Personality assessment tests usually produce validity scores for each of the individual traits measured. When scores on the traits of a test correlate well with scores on similar traits on other tests, the test is said to have good concurrent validity. Validity coefficients were computed on each of the four INSIGHT Inventory traits by comparing these to the traits measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Sixteen Personality factors (16PF), and Holland Self-Directed Search (SDS). This data comprises a large section of the INSIGHT Technical Manual, and users are encouraged to review those pages and tables. Very strong support for the validity of the traits measured by the INSIGHT Inventory was garnered.

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