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Why So Many Employee Selection Decisions Fail and What You Can Do About It

It's very satisfying to enlist the trust and confidence of our clients. This has been especially true in the area of helping them improve their system for selecting candidates for jobs. The reason the selection process is so meaningful for me is I have personally had people reporting to me and I know how hard it is on both the employee and their manager. And I know what a profound impact a poor hiring decision has on a businesses’ profitability, productivity, culture, employee satisfaction and retention.

In a nutshell, here’s some of the key reasons why the wrong candidate often gets hired:
1. Many hiring decisions—where there is not a good system in place—get made within 5 minutes of meeting a candidate. The decision is based on the
resume and first impressions.
2 Many jobs either lack of a clear (or up to date) description of the job and reasons why the job exists. If you aren’t crystal clear what’s required in a job, it is impossible to adequately interview candidates.
3. Interviewers aren’t trained to interview effectively.
4. The process of hiring someone for the job is rushed.
5. Competencies, attributes, motivators and behaviors—all critical to job fit—aren’t considered or objectively measured. (Companies hire for skills and fire for attitude.)
6. Reference and background checks are not completed or are completed poorly.

What you can do about it?
If any of the above reasons why the best interviewer, but wrong candidate can get hired in your organization we can help. Our company specializes in employee selection. We can help evaluate your current system and the results you are getting. We can help identify problem areas and help you fix them. We can even help you benchmark jobs and objectively assess the qualifications of key candidates compared to the benchmark. (Note: We do not conduct background checks, but can refer you to one of the best companies in the industry.)

Written by: Joe McKenna, The KENNA Company 816-943-0868 Permission given to reprint in its entirety with name, company. e-mail and website (live links if posted on the web) and phone number.

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