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Practical and pragmatic coaching for executives and managers who want to accomplish more - faster. We help companies transform their hiring process into a system that allows them to hire the right candidate for the job. The benefits can transform a company. We offer 'on-site' team building for new or 'stuck' teams.  We also sell TeamTraks, an easy-to-use set of modules which can be used off-the-shelf to address a number of team intervention needs and competencies. Our most requested training is for Improving Communication Skills and Improving Managers' People Skills .  All training is customized to meet the client's specific needs. We sell the leading assessments and surveys available (and support your use of them in any way you need). Assessments include The TriMetrix System (benchmarking job and objectively assessing candidate fit), Attributes Index (job competencies), Success Insights (Personality tests, behavioral assessments, motivations indicator assessments) and Insight Inventory.  Many assessments available in up to 15 languages. Someone completes one of our assessments via the Internet every 4.1 seconds!  We can also 'custom design' any survey to meet your needs including 360, customer and employee satisfaction. For those companies and individuals who are not familiar with our products or service, we provide a free team needs assessment from TeamTraks, an opportunity to complete one of our assessments, newsletters, articles, and a free coaching session. Proudly, our clients include Shell Oil, John Deere, Mr. Goodcents, Short Circuit Electronics, Brass Eagle Paintball, and many more. We'd love to hear from you - ideas, needs and questions. Look through the site and call if we can help you.  
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Teamwork:  Sense of purpose, solid goals, improved individual and group performance, increased productivity, increased creativity, increased sense of employee motivation and belonging.

By Joe McKenna

This was’s lead article headline on May 6, 2005. Sure some companies like IBM and Ford are still cutting jobs, but job growth is today’s typical reality.

Here’s another reality. Two out of three new employees will not be meeting expectations six to 12 months after being hired. Some times their sub-par performance will be tolerated; some times they will be fired.

Either way, productivity and morale suffer. It doesn’t have to be that way. Consider this:

People are often selected for their ‘hard skills’ (what they know, have done, or are trained to do). People are usually fired for their ’soft skills’ or a lack thereof. You know, they aren’t a team player or their attitude is poor. A generation ago, ‘soft skills’ were seen as ‘fluff’. Not now. Today’s smart companies realize their importance.

And yet, ‘soft skills’ aren’t easy to spot — through traditional interviews, anyway. Savvy candidates can ‘talk the talk’—that doesn’t mean they’ll ‘walk the walk’.

There is a better way to discern candidates’ ‘soft skills’. Our assessment tools measure candidates’ soft skills and predict ‘job fit’ - how well the candidate will align with the needs of the job. Behavioral tools reveal candidates’ work habits such as preferences for pace, compliance with procedures and interaction with others. Motivational tools reveal the sense of meaning that candidates get from earning money, or helping others, or learning new skills. Attribute assessments provide glimpses into candidates’ capacity to excel in certain roles based on their values, beliefs and ‘soft skill’ abilities.

Can’t afford to invest in ‘hiring smart’? Consider the alternative. It’s far more costly to make hiring mistakes and it’s a real drain on productivity and morale.

Hire the best candidate for the job every time. You’ll be glad you did—and so will your employees and customers.

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