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Our assessments offer solutions that allow companies and individuals to accurately get assessment feedback on job competencies / attributes, motivators and behaviors via the Internet.
Assessments:  Objective information to improve selection, morale and teamwork.

While hundreds of assessment companies are hoping – actually counting - on you to believe that one assessment is as good as another or that theirs is the best, this just isn’t always the case. We have chosen to use only assessments from TTI (with one exception) because we believe this company’s long history with assessments and their penchant for research provides our clients with the best possible assessments and surveys available. And we believe that they continue to get better – in presentation, useability, support, allowing only certified distributors to become licensed and their commitment to the Internet as a delivery and administrative tool for our clients. We believe TTI has the best products, the best systems and the best people to help us meet our clients' challenging needs.

TTI offers a full complement of solutions that allow companies and individuals to accurately get assessment feedback on attributes, motivators and behaviors via the Internet – in various formats - that are useful to meeting a variety of an individual client’s needs. These assessments are available in a variety of languages and the number of languages grows daily. Plus TTI has launched one of the best, most flexible ODSurvey(TM) Internet systems there is with expert traiing to accompany it.

TTI commitment doesn’t stop with the most accurate and useable assessments and reports available in the world. TTI’s services are specifically designed to help companies like The KENNA Company acquire the knowledge, skills and wisdom which will enable us to help you use TTI reports to your greatest advantage. Our seven year relationship with TTI – and my 25 years of corporate experience - helps me equip my clients with a better understanding on how to effectively manage constantly changing social, cultural and economic well-being using the correct tools and information.

It doesn't stop there: while many other companies are satisfied with selling you a lot of assessments, the joint commitment of TTI and The KENNA Company is to we provide you with planning, solutions and support that helps you meetyour critical business needs. In no case do we sell you assessments and go away. We continue to support you in whatever ways are best for your organization. This relationship – combined with industry leading assessment and survey solutions – allow The KENNA Company to partner with its clients and solving problems and increase productivity quickly and cost effectively..

The KENNA Company – as a result of its relationship with TTI - is a constant source of new ideas and solutions for our clients. And in recognition of our expertise, we have just been appointed to TTI's International Faculty - the highest tribute they can pay a licensee.

Our assessments are great; our experience, skills and guidance, though, are the real difference makers!

“Since working with you and your assessments, it’s been –interesting - like looking in a very clear mirror. I have such a realistic understanding of both myself and my organization – the good and the not so good. This allows me to build on my strengths, develop new skills and adapt where necessary in order to be more effective or reduce stress. This is the reason we now routinely have our employees complete the same assessments and meet with you to understand themselves and leverage their styles and motivators in a number of ways in our organization.”
Ken Cardell

Millions of our reports have been used by thousands of companies (large and small) in the following, and other, situations. The client demands are always the same: clarity, objectivity, reality. Goals are often retention and ROI.

We know the right assessments, explained and used correctly, are non-threatening, objective and valid. Our assessments help people understand their business competencies (see: What are Business Competencies?). By answering just a few questions via the Internet, an easy to understand, high quality, validated report provides respondents with a series of detailed narrative reports on themselves (or job candidates). As Ken said, “It’s like looking in a very clear mirror because the information is accurate and actionable.” The true value, though, is understanding what to do with what you see – how to use the information:

The Kenna Company to understand yourself better which alows you to communicate more effectively;
The Kenna Company to understand the diversity of styles there are around us – and the benefits;
The Kenna Company manage and motivate others more effectively;
The Kenna Company choose a career path that will satisfy you;
The Kenna Company choose a candidate that can succeed at the job;
The Kenna Company work better as teammates;
The Kenna Company sell more effectively;
The Kenna Company resolve conflicts quickly (or prevent them);
The Kenna Company to coach subordinates;
The Kenna Company to mentor others;
The Kenna Company and on and on.
Note: We offer numerous versions of the same assessments - to meet the special needs of specific situations.

The TTI behavioral assessments (we believe them to be the best available) are based on the DISC model, which is considered by many to be the universal language of behavior or how we act. DISC is a neutral language - there is no right or wrong. DISC simply describes how people approach problems, people, pace and procedures. Here’s what is key – while there are literally hundreds of DISC products out there – none are supported by the 25 years of research and validation of the application of the DISC model supported by Bill Bonnstetter - the leader in DISC research, automation and interpretation. Bill is the CEO of Target Training International (TTI) and Dean of its International Faculty.. What this means to you is the information you receive in your report(s) is valid and the way your information is reported is accurate and is delivered to you in a format that is extremely useable.

By the way, not all DISC assessments are the same. Some are based on an average of Graph I and Graph II creating a Graph III. Because our Graph I represents the individual at work or in an adapted environment and our Graph II represents a person in their most natural and comfortable environment - the real behavioral expression, a great deal of valuable information can be lost in the one graph approach. Averaging the two and calling that the real person is counter-intuitive. But, it works for some people. If you are using one of these products I would love to talk with you.

Tri- Metrix™ System


Appropriate for use with ANY job, the TriMetrix™ System is the perfect process for matching the job to the candidate to assure good fit. It is accurate and reliable and it is objective information, allowing you to penetrate information that is difficult to arrive at during a selection process. Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, the TriMetrix Job Report lists the job's requirements into three separate talent categories: rewards/culture, behavioral traits and job attributes and creates a specific job Benchmark (agaist which you can compare candidates).
The TriMetrix System's Personal Talent Report provides a summary of a person's talent to match the identical areas outlined in the TriMetrix Job Report. Within the framework of a company's overall selection and development processes, this report reveals the WHY (values), HOW (behaviors) and WHAT (attributes) an individual can contribute to a job It can also be used to evaluate employees already in jobs (versus the job’s benchmark). Together, these assessments answer the questins "WIll the candidate do the job successfully?" Samples

Attributes Index
The Attributes Index is an amazing new assessment tool that has been in an extensive beta (20 separate studies have cnfirmed its accuracy). It measures the value respondents place on over 80 work-related competencies of personal attributes such as resiliency, teamwork and flexibility. If a competency is important to the individual, the individual will be likely to do it – consistently and do it to the best of their ability. A number of different versions of this assessment are available based on the job of the respondent(such as Manaement -Leadership or Sales). Primary uses: employee selection, pre-employment testing, performance improvement, understanding existing employees’ competencies versus needs of job and leadership development. Samples

Newly Validated
Success Insights – Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values
Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values assesses what motivates people - why do they do what they do? What is important to them? This has a major impat on both job satisfaction and productivity. Aligning a work environment or manager’s approach to the employee's motivational interests / needs is often key to engaging the employee in the job. Primary uses: employee selection, performance improvement, leadership development, career planning, team building, coaching and sales training. Samples

Newly Validated
Success Insights™ Series - Manafement - Staff Version
The Success Insights Management - Staff Assessm)ent assesses a respondent's behaviors. This is our oldest and most popular assessment although it was recently updated and revalidated - producing some of the most impressive validation results available (See: Validation Report). A short questionnaire results in a detailed report on the individual’s style helping them and others understand their best work environment, keys to being managed and motivated, the do’s and don’ts of communicating with them, etc.. A number of different versions – including interactive assessments – are available on behavior. Primary uses: employee selection, performance improvement, leadership development, career planning, team building, interpersonal communication skills, coaching and sales training. Samples

INSIGHT Inventory™

Form A - Original
Form B - Short form
Form C - Student Version

The Insight Inventory is best known for its ease of use in workshop types of environments. It is a paper-based, self-scored, easy to use assessment of behavior. It, too, is a four quadrant assessment which allows people to use it and our other assessment together without confusion. Insight Inventory helps people understand themselves and others by showing them how they make decisions and solve problems, influence people, pace themselves and comply with procedures. Primary uses:diversity trianing, team building, interpersonal communication skills and sales training. Samples

Sales Strategy Index The Sales Strategy Index is a popular test used to understand how well sales people understand successful selling strategies. Primary use: Sales employee selection, training and performance improvement. A series of audio/data CDs are available as training resources for areas that need to be addressed. Samples

This simple but highly effective paper-based assessment tool guides discussion and prioritization of areas for needed team improvement. It is amazing how effectively a team can discover their root needs as a team using this simple assessment. Primary use: team building and team training. Effective with small and large teams, teams that have been together a short time or a long time. Not effective with new teams (nothing to assess yet). Samples Special Free Offer

OD Surveys Plus™ 360 Degree Feedback

This Internet-based customizable survey allows multiple team members, co-workers and/or managers to give valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of an individual's performance in key areas. Used properly (360s are often misused because of insufficient training - we'll explain the RIGHT way), the results of the 360 surveys are then used in a number of situations to enhance and develop the interpersonal skills and effectiveness of the individua being evaluatedl. Samples

OD Surveys Plus™
Employee Feedback Survey

Every organization must seriously assess its operations, policies and practices regularly to assure they are providing the leadership, work environment, management practices and incentives to attract top notch employees. Frequent organizational surveys, customized to gather the right feedback from all employees, help keep organizations and policies on target for attracting, developing and retaining top talent and meeting company performance goals. These Internet-based surveys are very user friendly and the data can be provided in a format that meets customer needs. Samples

The best way to decide which assessment(s) to use are to:

1. Determine your specific goals. What are you trying to learn of measure?
2. Decide what information can best help you achieve that goal. Check out some of our free samples to see if they provide the needed information. If you'd benefit from completing an assessment yourself, let us know. Normally, this can be arranged free-of-charge.
3. Determine your budget and timetable.
4. Call us. We will help you further define your project and process and suggest the best and least expensive ways to meet your goals.

We’d like to help your employees gain the skills and attitudes they need for success in their jobs. Want assurance? We guarantee your satisfaction with our work and products.

Contact us today to discuss more about how we can help you!

Call us: 816-943-0868
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