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Appropriate for use with ANY job, the TriMetrix™ allows you to accurately benchmark a job. . Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, the TriMetrix Job Report lists the job's requirements into three separate talent categories: rewards/culture, behavioral traits and job attributes.

The TriMetrix System's Personal Talent Report provides a summary of a person's talent to match the identical areas outlined in the TriMetrix Job Report. Within the framework of a company's overall selection and development processes, this report reveals the WHY (values), HOW (behaviors) and WHAT (attributes) an individual can contribute to a job It can also be used to evaluate employees already in jobs (versus the job’s benchmark).

  TriMetrix™ Job Report (benchmark report for this job)
  TriMetrix™ Job Plus Report (benchmark report with interviewing questions matching the top competencies)
  TriMetrix™ Personal Report (Candidate / individual report)
  TriMetrix™ Personal Plus Report (Candidate / individual report with interviewing questions matching the candidate’s top competencies)

TriMetrix™ Sales Manager Job Benchmarking Report – (This customized benchmarking report ranks 23 competencies/attributes, motivators, and behaviors based on the needs of the job.)

TriMetrix™ Sales Manager Talent Plus Report - (This report is immediately generated after a candidate / employee completes the TriMetrix assessments (on line). It is designed to be an apples to apples comparison to the TriMetrix™ Job Benchmarking Report.)

  TriMetrix™ Job Plus/Talent Comparison Report (This report shows how candidate scores can be added to a benchmark score to allow you to compare candidates versus the benchmark for the position)

The PTSI is an amazing assessment tool. It measures the importance people place on over 80 work-related competencies of personal attributes such as resiliency, teamwork and flexibility. If it is important, the individual will do it – consistently and do it to the best of their ability. A number of different versions are available based on the job of the respondent. Primary uses: employee selection, pre-employment testing, performance improvement, understanding existing employees’ competencies versus needs of job and leadership development.
PTSI - Healthcare
PTSI - Emotional Intelligence
PTSI - General Employment
PTSI - Leadership/Management Version
PTSI -Sales Management
PTSI - Sales
PTSI - Customer Service

Motivation Insights assesses what motivate people - why do they do what they do. Aligning a work environment or manager’s approach to their motivational interests / needs is often necessary to optimize their job satisfaction and productivity. Primary uses: employee selection, performance improvement, leadership development, career planning, team building and sales training.

Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values

Workplace Motivators - New Workplace Coaching Report

Management / Staff (newly validated, newly formatted)
Success Insights - Sales
MFS Team Building Version
MFS Work Environment™ Version
MFS Work Environment™ Comparison Version
MFS Interviewing Insights™ - General Version
MFS Interviewing Insights - Sales Version
MFS Time P.L.U.S.™
MFS Communicating With Style™
Golf Stroke Saver - Analyzing Your Style To Improve Your Game

This expanded version includes a fully detailed 16-page booklet loaded with information, exercises, and examples that participants can put to use immediately in order to iron out conflict and open up communication lines with co-workers and customers. Because it is self-explanatory and self-contained, participants will want to refer often to the booklet.
This version uses the same questionnaire, but comes with a condensed interpretation booklet. This allows HR professionals, trainers and consultants to include the INSIGHT Inventory in training programs such as conflict resolution, team building, leadership, communications skills, sales and, most recently, diversity.
This product was developed for students. It has been normed on students and is designed for use by high school and college kids. Used by schools, youth groups and counselors, this is a great product for helping kids understand their behavior and its impact in communicating with others - using only positive language and no labels.
This may be one of the best developed style training programs there is. It includes a Training Guide, Overhead Transparency Masters, Technical Manual and Skill Building Activities for the INSIGHT Inventory, PLUS a comprehensive training video that walks leaders/trainers through examples of each behavior style. You can use it to deliver training or as ‘train-the-trainer’ materials. This learning program is strongly recommended for trainers and other HR professionals that will be facilitating INSIGHT Inventory programs.

The Sales Strategy Index is a popular test used to understand how well sales people understand successful selling strategies. Primary use: Sales employee selection, training and performance improvement.
Sales Strategy Index Sample

The TeamTraks Pre-assessment is a simple but highly effective tool that guides team discussion and prioritization of areas the team believes needs improvement. Primary use: team building and team training. Effective with small and large teams, teams that have been together a short time or a long time. Not effective with new teams (nothing to assess yet).
Call us; we’ll send you an actual TeamTraks module to evaluate. Or see our free offer on the free resourses page to try it out with your team.

This Internet-based customizable survey allows multiple team members, co-workers and/or managers to give valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of an individual's performance. The results of the 360 surveys are then used in a number of ways to enhance and develop the interpersonal skills and effectiveness of the individual. Samples
Frequency distributions – All Respondents
Let us know your needs and we will send you the specific .pdf examples to meet your needs.

Every organization must seriously assess its operations, policies and practices regularly to assure they are providing the leadership, work environment, management practices and incentives to attract top notch employees. Frequent organizational surveys, customized to gather the right information, help keep organizations and policies on target for attracting, developing and retaining top talent. These Internet-based surveys are very user friendly and the data can be provided in a format that meets customer needs. Samples

Detailed Organizational Report

Learn about our ODsurveys and see more examples
FAQs on ODsurvey Plus
Take a quiz: Can you or your company benefit from what a survey can reveal
Let us know your specific Employee Feedback needs and we will send you the specific .pdf examples to meet your needs.

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