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The KENNA Company equips each hiring manager with the tools and information needed to assist every person in becoming a highly motivated and effective team member. Helping Leaders Select and Engage High Impact Performers  
Practical and pragmatic coaching for executives and managers who want to accomplish more - faster. We help companies transform their hiring process into a system that allows them to hire the right candidate for the job. The benefits can transform a company. We offer 'on-site' team building for new or 'stuck' teams.  We also sell TeamTraks, an easy-to-use set of modules which can be used off-the-shelf to address a number of team intervention needs and competencies. Our most requested training is for Improving Communication Skills and Improving Managers' People Skills .  All training is customized to meet the client's specific needs. We sell the leading assessments and surveys available (and support your use of them in any way you need). Assessments include The TriMetrix System (benchmarking job and objectively assessing candidate fit), Attributes Index (job competencies), Success Insights (Personality tests, behavioral assessments, motivations indicator assessments) and Insight Inventory.  Many assessments available in up to 15 languages. Someone completes one of our assessments via the Internet every 4.1 seconds!  We can also 'custom design' any survey to meet your needs including 360, customer and employee satisfaction. For those companies and individuals who are not familiar with our products or service, we provide a free team needs assessment from TeamTraks, an opportunity to complete one of our assessments, newsletters, articles, and a free coaching session. Proudly, our clients include Shell Oil, John Deere, Mr. Goodcents, Short Circuit Electronics, Brass Eagle Paintball, and many more. We'd love to hear from you - ideas, needs and questions. Look through the site and call if we can help you.  
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“…our company looks towards Joe as a very knowledgeable, experienced businessman always giving very tactful and valuable support.”
John Jungk, President, Old World Spices

“We hired Joe to do some critical team-building for our senior management team. He not only delivered. He far exceeded our expectations.”
Jim Drake, Former President of Ensemble, a Hallmark Division – current VP, Brushstrokes Fine Art Company

“Joe is a gifted strategist and problem solver. He has been my career coach and a number of my business colleagues have hired him as their coach, too.”
Jim Drake, Former President of Ensemble, a Hallmark Division – current VP, Brushstrokes Fine Art Company

“Needless to say people can be a great asset or liability and we rely on Joe and his assessments to make sure there’s a good fit between the candidate and the position. I truly believe this has resulted in us hiring the right people. And you know that without the right people nothing really great can happen.”
F Peter Kovac, President & CEO, NKH&W Integrated Marketing Communications

“We truly feel that Joe has helped Mr. Goodcents move the needle forward when it comes to management development, effective hiring, assessing potential franchisees and then integrating new franchisees into our system via training.”
Margot Bubien, Mr. Goodcents, Vice President of Franchise Development

“In a nutshell, your assessment products, personal experience and insights have helped me look at a number of situations and people with an open mind and make prudent, balanced decisions.”
David Raden, CEO Budget Credit & Loans

“Joe’s coaching has helped me become an even more effective sales manager which has delivered incremental profits to our bottom line.”
Clint Savoini, Regional Sales Manager, VetLife

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