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The KENNA Company offers a Questions and Answers section of the site to assist you with some of the questions you may have. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Issue: Other than meetings and chats my manager does very little to help me grow. I wish he would not assume I know everything and just get upset when he doesn't like my work.

Response: This is actually one of my hot buttons in organizations - managers NOT developing thier people. In some cases, a manager will say "I am so busy with meeting and thing "I" have to do, I don't have tiime to 'coach' or train. Training is HR's role. Actually, there is probably - for those who manage people - not greater responsibility that helping the employees grow, develop and meet goals, stay informed about the department and company; everyone needs feedback when they can do better and some motivation for a job well done. Many managers, though, don't know their employees well enough to effectively manage, lead, coach and motivate them. Perhaps you can suggest that your group go through our Communication Skills Workshop - manager and employees - or suggest to HR that they talk with us about our Manager and Supervisor Workshop. Both sound like they could help a lot.
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Issue: My manager punishs everyone for 1 person's acts.

Many managers and supervisors have a couple of issues to deal with. First, they have a boss mentality. They tell much easier than discuss and the give group reprimands better than individual reprimands. In this case, not knowing many specifics, I am going to guess that this is a manager under pressure, probably not trained well in coaching and building an organization. There are many drawbacks to the approach of 'punishing' in addition to making a lot of people upset. For the manager, the number one job is coaching and developing your people. This is done by encouraging, helping employees learn how to do their jobs, seetting clear goals, reviewing progress. My guess is that this manager could have had a simple conversation with the involved employee, discussed why whatever happened happened, and discuss how the situation will be handled in the future.
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You are personally doing a good job!!! So your manager dumps more responsibilities on you. Specifically, in this situation there is another employee who is not doing their job. So, rather than deal with that problem, the manager give some of her responsibilities to other people who are just as busy and actually doing their job.

Most employees, it has been shown, want more responsibilities. At some point, they'd like the pay and promotion that goes with it. More responsibility is good when the company has a true need or the employee - based on their performance - deserves it. Sometimes, with more responsibility, too, comes the offloading of some of the things you were doing - balancing your workload. But to give someone more 'work' because someone else is not keeping up, usually causes anger and demotivates employees. Often, it cause fatique and the employee begins to work against the manager. This manager seems to have avoided dealing with an important situation: discussing lack of performance with the other employee, seeing if there are problems that are causing the performance issues (is there additional training that is necessary, is the person miscast for the role, etc.) clarifying goals and being direct about ramifications if the employee continues to underperform is important.
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