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The KENNA Company equips each hiring manager with the tools and information needed to assist every person in becoming a highly motivated and effective team member. Helping Leaders Select and Engage High Impact Performers  
Practical and pragmatic coaching for executives and managers who want to accomplish more - faster. We help companies transform their hiring process into a system that allows them to hire the right candidate for the job. The benefits can transform a company. We offer 'on-site' team building for new or 'stuck' teams.  We also sell TeamTraks, an easy-to-use set of modules which can be used off-the-shelf to address a number of team intervention needs and competencies. Our most requested training is for Improving Communication Skills and Improving Managers' People Skills .  All training is customized to meet the client's specific needs. We sell the leading assessments and surveys available (and support your use of them in any way you need). Assessments include The TriMetrix System (benchmarking job and objectively assessing candidate fit), Attributes Index (job competencies), Success Insights (Personality tests, behavioral assessments, motivations indicator assessments) and Insight Inventory.  Many assessments available in up to 15 languages. Someone completes one of our assessments via the Internet every 4.1 seconds!  We can also 'custom design' any survey to meet your needs including 360, customer and employee satisfaction. For those companies and individuals who are not familiar with our products or service, we provide a free team needs assessment from TeamTraks, an opportunity to complete one of our assessments, newsletters, articles, and a free coaching session. Proudly, our clients include Shell Oil, John Deere, Mr. Goodcents, Short Circuit Electronics, Brass Eagle Paintball, and many more. We'd love to hear from you - ideas, needs and questions. Look through the site and call if we can help you.  
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Teamwork:  Sense of purpose, solid goals, improved individual and group performance, increased productivity, increased creativity, increased sense of employee motivation and belonging.
Teamwork:  Functional, focused teams will always outperform individuals!

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I hear this story – or one like it often. It makes me believe it is the norm, not the exception (except in companies with strong team-based cultures).

Here's how it goes: "Our company seems to assign people from appropriate departments 'to work on a project‘ as a team. Often, someone in a high level position, with lots other pressing responsibilities (and not necessarily with any training in team leadership) – is named team leader. The team goals or assignment are often somewhat cryptic. The roles of the team members are often undefined. Resources are often not identified or available.

So is it any surprise that when our teams meet, they flounder - struggling with what to do and who should do what? Sometimes certain people jump into action immediately – before we really define what we are trying to do. Obviously this doesn’t produce stellar results. Other times, the team is actually inactive for a long period because no one does anything productive until a crisis (deadline) looms.

Before long, conflict erupts on many of our teams (I guess some people call this the storming stage of team building) – sometimes these personality clashes are out in the open, other times they are more indirect and ‘under the table’. After a while, the necessity to act – to do something becomes very real. A few team members may then step up to the plate and carry the load. Too often credit is taken by people who did nothing to contribute.

Hopefully you have never worked on a dysfunctional team. But chances are, you know someone who has.

That’s probably why Gibbs wrote, in 1995:

“A team had four members called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized the Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”
Got a good or bad team building story? Please share it with us. Perhaps we’ll use it in our newsletter (we won’t mention your name or your company – except for the good stories).

Research and common sense tell us that having teams that work well together usually results in several important business benefits:

Kenna Company Improved performance
Kenna Company Increased productivity
Kenna Company Increased creativity
Kenna Company Increased sense of employee motivation and belonging
Effective teamwork also improves individual and overall performance, because it results in:
Kenna Company Better understanding of the goals of the team (and company)
Kenna Company Ability to distinguish who is responsible for what
Kenna Company Agreement and understanding about ‘ground rules’ (how things will get done)
Kenna Company More productive team meetings, communication and collaboration
Kenna Company Improved morale, resulting in greater satisfaction with the team and with the organization overall
Other benefits of getting team members to work TOGETHER to achieve their goals include:
Kenna Company Team members become aligned toward a common mission and goals
Kenna Company Sense of belonging – you're not in this alone
Kenna Company Each member holding each other accountable
Kenna Company Each member supporting efforts of other team members
Kenna Company Walls – based on individual differences – vanish
Kenna Company Goals are accomplished – and often exceeded
Kenna Company Team members know their roles – and how they impact the team
Kenna Company Team members learn to trust each other
Kenna Company Team members form a bond
Kenna Company Team members have fun together
Kenna Company Team members understand tough times, weather them, and move on

Team work does not just happen – it takes work and dialogue to align team members

Are you familiar with the 5 stages of team development? In fairly predictable ways, teams usually:

1. FORM (members are chosen and we peacefully coexist – sort of)
2. STORM (individual personalities and preferences, backgrounds and outside work loads start to cause conflict)
3. NORM (team members are settling into a position of comfort on the team – which is not to be confused with them becoming productive members of the team)
4. PERFORM (this is where we start getting traction together, in terms of accomplishing what we are charged to do)
5. REFORM (when goals change or new team members are added and the team needs to recover some of the basics from earlier stages)
In all 5 stages, teams need – more than anything else – dialogue. Dialogue helps people communicate, collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate – the tasks and the processes for completing the tasks and accomplishing team goals.

On effective teams, dialogue means everyone participates in setting the course. All team members talks openly about things like:

  “What kind of team are we?”
“What is our purpose?”
“What specifically are our goals?”
“What are the roles of each member of this team?”
“What are our individual work styles, and how are they helping or hindering our team?”
“How shall we make decisions and resolve conflicts?”
The more team members dialogue, the more they agree and align – around goals, roles, ground rules, and results!
Though this takes time and commitment, anyone who has been involved in a highly effective team can tell you the investment is well worth it. The rewards are great! The company, the team and the team members all benefit.

We developed, recommend and use the TeamTraks™ System with our clients .A number of other consultants – internal and external to companies – also use TeamTraks™. Why? TeamTraks™ is simple by design, easy-to-use and each module takes less than two hours to complete. We believe this makes it the very best system on the market today for helping people on teams work better together - quickly.

Kenna Company TeamTraks™ is a complete solution. It provides a very effective way for helping teams improve their internal team processes. The system includes 12 modules, packaged into 5 easy-to-use tracks. Each module addresses an essential team dynamic such as goal setting, role clarity, team meeting formats, and communication. You can order and use one of the modules, a track or the whole system. It depends on your team’s needs.
Kenna Company TeamTraks™ guides team members through a logical dialogue on a specific team competency such as "Setting Team Goals";
Kenna Company Team members learn as they participate which allows everyone to be involved;
Kenna Company The TeamTraks™ Pre-Assessment allows team members to agree on those competencies that are most important to effectively defining and achieving their team's goals.
The benefits to team leaders, managers, trainers, HR professionals and consultants in supporting and using TeamTraks™ include the following:
Kenna Company Teams can use TeamTraks™ without special facilitation (although certain teams with difficult issues can usually benefit greatly from the help of a skilled - and neutral - facilitator). TeamTraks
Kenna Company If trainers and HR professionals decide to facilitate the process or conduct orientation, TeamTraks™ ease of use saves preparation time.
Kenna Company TeamTraks™ is a professional product, developed by a professional, and it has a very professional look. (This increases a team's trust of the product being recommended and used.)
Teams benefit from using TeamTraks™ because:
Kenna Company The system is customizable, so teams use whichever tracks and modules that meet their needs, when they need them.
Kenna Company TeamTraks™ is practical and easy-to-use, so the manager/team leader/consultant/trainer only needs to spend a short time in preparation for the session. The work is done in session by the team.
Kenna Company Each TeamTraks™ module and its User's Guide encourage total team involvement, so all team members feel ownership in the process and help insure its success and long-term effectiveness.
Kenna Company TeamTraks™ modules lead teams through discussions. All members participate and contribute. The team controls the changes and commitments it makes.
Kenna Company Because dialogue is such an important part of the process, communications will improve as a result of using TeamTraks™. A more honest and enjoyable working environment will exist.

The modules – click here
"TeamTraks™ is a quick, easy and effective way to help teams understand how to work together. Many of our managers use it to improve their teams' performance."
Renny Arensberg
Internal Consultant

This quiz is for your benefit. No data is being collected. You can answer the questions and then print the results or print the Quick Quiz with no answers and ask others to complete it.

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We’d like to help your employees work better together. Want assurance?

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