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The KENNA Company equips each hiring manager with the tools and information needed to assist every person in becoming a highly motivated and effective team member. Helping Leaders Select and Engage High Impact Performers  
Practical and pragmatic coaching for executives and managers who want to accomplish more - faster. We help companies transform their hiring process into a system that allows them to hire the right candidate for the job. The benefits can transform a company. We offer 'on-site' team building for new or 'stuck' teams.  We also sell TeamTraks, an easy-to-use set of modules which can be used off-the-shelf to address a number of team intervention needs and competencies. Our most requested training is for Improving Communication Skills and Improving Managers' People Skills .  All training is customized to meet the client's specific needs. We sell the leading assessments and surveys available (and support your use of them in any way you need). Assessments include The TriMetrix System (benchmarking job and objectively assessing candidate fit), Attributes Index (job competencies), Success Insights (Personality tests, behavioral assessments, motivations indicator assessments) and Insight Inventory.  Many assessments available in up to 15 languages. Someone completes one of our assessments via the Internet every 4.1 seconds!  We can also 'custom design' any survey to meet your needs including 360, customer and employee satisfaction. For those companies and individuals who are not familiar with our products or service, we provide a free team needs assessment from TeamTraks, an opportunity to complete one of our assessments, newsletters, articles, and a free coaching session. Proudly, our clients include Shell Oil, John Deere, Mr. Goodcents, Short Circuit Electronics, Brass Eagle Paintball, and many more. We'd love to hear from you - ideas, needs and questions. Look through the site and call if we can help you.  
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Training:  Improving employee skills, competencies, motivation & results

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Can you relate to this: You (or someone you know) went to a good training program, took tons of notes, thought the presenter did a great job, and committed to doing things differently from that point forward. Then you returned to the office, only to find the mountains of e-mails, projects and meetings that accumulated while you were gone! So you put that big binder from the training program over on the bookshelf, where it stays. Forever. Right there along with all the wonderful things you learned.

Effective training should produce incremental results including inspiration and engagement. Effective training should lead to higher levels of motivation to succeed. Effective training should also open minds to new insights and skills that lead to changed attitudes and behaviors. And with new behaviors comes new habits – better habits. Done right effective training can lead to greater job success and personal satisfaction!

Our goal is to conduct training that is relevant, fun, motivational and – ultimately – improves productivity. We know that participants ask “What’s in it for me?” Managers ask “What will the impact be on our business?” and “Why should I send members of my staff to THIS training?”

Answering these questions is critical to making the training relevant and engaging. Our training model looks like this:

The Kenna Company We work with our clients to identify specific learning goals, and agree upon the best experiences / activities for achieving those goals.
The Kenna Company We do our homework.
  The Kenna Company We hold face-to-face meetings and conference calls with participants or meeting planners, take tours of the business.
  The Kenna Company We may spend time in the field with sales reps.
  The Kenna Company We may conduct employee surveys and customer research
  The Kenna Company We may schedule one-on-one, in-person conversations with managers and staff
We do whatever we believe it will take to make the training relevant and useable for our client. We believe that by understanding client needs we can design effective training that delivers REMARKABLE RESULTS so that the client get a solid ROI.
Wait, there’s more…
To help participants convert their newly gained insights and skills into effective habits and great results we offer 45-minute LearnMore™ Tele-Classes after the training workshop.
The Kenna Company Each month (for either 6 or 12 months) there is a special Tele-Class for the participants of the training program that covers key learning’s from the training and gives participants the opportunity to discuss their successes and challenges.
The Kenna Company These LearnMore™ Tele-Classes keep the training alive and keep the participants engaged.
The result is retention and results.

The Kenna Company Selection and Training – Hiring the Right Candidate, Not the Best Interviewer - LEARN THE TRIMETRIX SYSTEM
The Kenna Company Defining Your Vision, Mission and Core Values
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The Kenna Company Developing Effective Listening Skills
The Kenna Company The Keys to Motivating Others
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The Kenna Company Becoming a Leader within your Organization
The Kenna Company Employee Management and Supervisory Skills
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The Kenna Company Coaching and Mentoring Your Employees
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The Kenna Company Personal Organization and Time Management
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The Kenna Company Strategic Selling
… and more
For Healthcare Leadership Training or Speaking, click here

This quiz is for your benefit. No data is being collected. You can answer the questions and then print the results or print the Quick Quiz with no answers and ask others to complete it.

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We also make certain ‘off the shelf’ training programs / CDROM training programs / workbooks / books available for use by your training departments or by individuals. They include:

Training Programs
  New! Re-Energizing the Organization™
CD-ROM training programs
  RxCDs – professional and personal competencies
RxCDs – sales specific competencies
  Dynamic Communication™ Workbook
Your Attitude Is Showing™ Workbook

We’d like to help your employees gain the skills and attitudes they need for success in their jobs. Want assurance?

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Contact us to book a workshop and tele-class today, or simply to learn more about how we can help you!

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