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NOTE: These free assessments are only for people who are evaluating the use of assessment in their organizations. If this is not your situation, please do not complete this form. Their retail value is in excess of $100.

We believe that the assessments and surveys we use to help our clients are the best available for a number of reasons. First, not all DISC assessments the same.

  • Our assessments are developed by the world leader in behavioral and other assessment products and surveys - TTI.
  • A TTI assessment is completed every 3.2 seconds.
  • The breath of users of TTI assessments is amazing - from Fortune 100 companies, to universities and even marriage enrichment programs.
  • TTI reports are available in most languages including International English, French, and Spanish.
  • TTI assessments are re-normed and revalidated on a regular schedule.
  • TTI reports are designed to be uniquely user friendly. While most individuals use the help of a facilitator or coach to absorb the vast quantity and quality provided, simply reading your report will open new insights for you.
  • TTI behavior assessments interpret both the top and bottom of the DISC graph. Much very important and useful information is lost if your focus is on just one scale or on the top half of the graph.

While the assessments are the best, the interpretation by a skilled and certified professional is also key to success. When you use our assessments we will provide you the highest levels of support.

We have a special program right now that allows you try one of our assessments at NO COST to you.

This offer is for both the Success Insights™ - Behavior and Success Insights Workplace Motivators. These two powerful assessments (a $100+ value) will help you understand how and why you do what you do.

To receive your complimentary response code for these two free personal assessments, complete the following information. When you receive your code you will then complete your assessments using our state of the art IDS Assessment Center. It will take you just 20 minutes maximum to complete the two assessments).

After completing your assessments you will be contacted to set up your complimentary debriefing. Key (but not mandatory for participation) to you benefiting from this report is your willingness to spend 30 minutes on the phone with a certified professional.

This time will not spent 'selling' you. We would like you to personally get value from your report. In the process, you may see applications for use within your organization.

The information we require below will not be shared, sold or rented. You must complete all bold fields below including your phone number. If the form is not completed in full we will not be able to process your request.

If you would like us to mail you a copy of your report (versus e-mail) we'll be happy to do
this. Please provide your street mailing address.

We have additional programs that allow us to provide additional free assessments to you for evaluation in your organization for situations like employee selection, communication skills training, succession planning, leadership development. Please call us for details or use the comments form to explain why you want to try additional free assessments and how many.
We may need to call you to advise you based on our experience in conducting valid analysis.

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